Frequently Asked Questions


Customer Question #1 What kind of training do you do?

1. Stomach Flattening

2. Kick-boxing

3. Strength/stamina

4. Outdoor survival

Hi, I am Sgt. (Ret'd) Doug Setter.  I am a former paratrooper, marathon runner and champion kick-boxer.  I have taught martial arts, kick-boxing, yoga and Pilates to hundreds of trainees.  I teach my clients how to increase their strength, balance and flexibility and reduce their pain.  Though I specialize in clients over 40 years of age, I have also trained children, teenagers and adults in kick-boxing and self-defense. 


Customer Question #2 What do you charge?

Three Basic Packages:

Bronze: $90.  One hour session with four telephone/skype follow ups.

Silver:   $400. Five sessions one-to-one.  

Gold:    $700. Ten sessions one-to-one.  Goal specific, but fun. 

Small groups and group rates vary.  Usually, 2-4 trainees at $100/session.


Customer Question #3 Where is your studio?

I keep my overhead costs low by renting training space, training at client's work or homes or outdoor areas.  This saves the client time and transportation costs.  It also increases a client's privacy if they are reluctant to train in big box gyms.